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Hear us out - there are a thousand places on the web to get mediocre links built, but we're not one of them. We’ve made a name for ourselves by focusing on quality at every turn: the best links and content are part of our motto. We bring experience and quick thinking, a rock-solid fulfillment system, an efficient and gorgeous website experience and speedy customer service. We’ve been doing this for years, and been told we're getting better all the time.

Every story has a beginning

Ours began way back in 2008, when SEO was a different beast. It was like the wild west, with even less rules. It was a time of discovery and experimentation; a digital renaissance loaded with opportunities for kids with grit, determination and a hunger to succeed. Kids like us.


  • V’s story

    I got into the fascinating world of SEO when was 13. I'm now 28. The last 15 years have been unforgettable. Let's go back to when it all began. After what felt like years of constant pleading, my parents finally saved enough to gift me my very first (and very cheap) computer.

    It took another year before we could afford an Internet subscription. After attempting (and failing) various methods to make money online, I stumbled across a mention of SEO. Unlike other ways of making money, all SEO required was a computer (check!), an Internet connection (check!) and passion (triple check!). I was in.

    I’d race home from school and stay up until the early hours of the morning, fuelling my hunger for success by reading all things SEO related. At the time, the subjects we were being taught in school weren't too important - therefore I'd often skip most my classes to spend time in the library. When I felt like I was ready to turn theory into practice, I invested my savings into a domain name, creating a site in the niche I had my eyes on.

    In under ten days, I managed to get the rankings to #1 (SEO in 2009 was almost effortless if you knew what you were doing). The site was generating a steady 3 figures a day and it felt great! Unfortunately, as I was 13, PayPal eventually limited my account. Despite this, just the experience of being able to make an income online with SEO was one of the proudest (and most exciting) moments of my life... and it was just the beginning.

    Little did I know that 12 years later SEO would still be my #1 passion and livelihood. #blessed

  • Jon’s story

    I was 17 when my Dad was scammed out of a few thousand dollars by some SEO 'expert' who promised him high rankings… then disappeared a week after being paid.

    Just like that, my challenge was set. Could I help my Dad recover from his lost investment? Could I help him grow his business? And could I do it using this marketing method called ‘SEO’?

    Fresh out of high school and with little else to occupy my time, I binge read everything I could get my hands on about SEO. Before long, my fascination morphed into an addiction. I was obsessed.

    I practiced what I’d learned, testing and exploring new ways of getting results. And then I did it.. I got my Dad’s website to the first page. To the first rank on the first page. A task that would have cost him thousands of dollars a month if he’d used Google Adwords.

    Woah. And it clicked… this was it.

    This was what I wanted – needed - to do with my life.

In 2011, we joined forces.

It wasn’t quite as epic a collaboration as Justice League. But, you know, pretty close.

  • The start of something good...

    We met online (like all modern friends do), bonding over our shared SEO obsession and passion for business. We swapped success stories like they were limited edition Rolex’s and decided that while one’s fun… two’s much better.

    We launched our first link building service on an established SEO forum/marketplace. In our first year together, we made over six-figures. We doubled that the next year and did it again the following year. And our clients? They couldn’t stop raving about the incredible results. We were helping our clients achieve results in some of the most demanding and lucrative niches.

    One of our highlights? When we were singled out by Google for offering link placements that were just too effective. Thanks for the tweet, Matt Cutts. We loved the coverage! ?

    These days we’ve learned to play nice(r) with Google and work in alignment with their guidelines to get awesome results for our clients.

    (Seriously, have you seen our case studies? Talk about #goals..)

  • It wasn't always smooth sailing...

    In fact our journey has been full of adversity.

    In the beginning we didn't have glowing reviews or testimonials that highlighted our skills. We spent years trying to establish ourselves.

    It wasn't until good people like you, who gave us that one shot. That opportunity to learn from our mistakes and master this craft.

    Rankfluence is truly a symbol of our appreciation. Without you we are nothing. And for that we are eternally grateful! ?

    Since 2011, we've worked with thousands of clients around the world, in almost every niche imaginable. We've even sold some of the biggest link building services on the most popular SEO forums.

    Today, we have 18 years of combined SEO experience. We’re elders of the industry, yet we’re young and have a fresh, innovative approach to getting you the results you deserve.

Because at the end of the day..

That’s what this is really about: You! Getting you more traffic, better sales and tangible results. It’s a little bit of science. A little bit of art. And a whole lot of fun.

  • Wait, what? “SEO” and “fun” in the same sentence?

    Yep. Seriously.

    We love what we do. We aren’t afraid to experiment, and our mission is to always be testing and sharing transparent case studies, crafting valuable guides and creating helpful videos.

    Because we believe the secrets of SEO shouldn’t - always - be kept under lock and key. They should be shared.

    Which is what we’re here to do. Have you visited The Lab yet?

  • So… how can we help you achieve your goals?

    Great question.

    When we first started, the industry was pretty underwhelming.

    Since then, algorithms have been updated and adapted. This has made SEO a far more complex and challenging endeavour.

    Not everyone gets it right.

    *Cracks knuckles*.

    We do.

    From fully managed SEO, niche relevant link placements, powerful topic cluster content through to data-driven page optimisation, guest posts via manual outreach and gorgeous infographic assets, we're sure there is no better provider to cater for your needs.

Refreshingly simple, huh?

That’s kind of our trademark. We don’t use big words. We don’t try to overcomplicate things for you. We keep your experience easy, fun and effective.


Curious what kind of results we can help you achieve?

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